Yes, I am a woman but I don’t need women’s right.


“Women is like a tea bag. You can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water”. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

The topic must have begged your attention towards this article. Well, this is for those who grumbles about women’s right but are not ready to take a simple step forward. Today, women have been taking a lead, contributing and working shoulder-to-shoulder together with men. Whether it be corporates, development, politics or social sector. Women’s voices are being raised and heard; let it be educated or not. Women have taken control over their lifestyle, career, family and are supporting equally in financial matter.

This article is definitely not about the regular women’s right we talk about. We have fought over this and have conquered, I believe. Women’s rights are human rights and we have been fighting over this and we shall continue the same. Men and women are equal, they say. True! We are equal but not in all ways. Males are physically stronger; females are super heroes in multi-tasking. Girls tend to explain a story with lots of expression, feelings, words. Well, the way they explain stories are intense. Boys on the other hand, have less connectivity with their feelings and emotions when it comes to portraying ideas. Women are sensitive. Females have a larger hippocampus and a deeper limbic system than males, which allows them to feel the full range and depth of the emotional spectrum far more than those coldhearted, unfeeling jerk guys 😛 . Women can handle stress better than men. Men are great in mathematics. Well, you see my point, right? We are not the same. We are different in many ways. It is nerve-wrecking when I hear men over stressing that women rights are taking the phase so quick that men’s right is wrecked behind. They complain that women have a separate queue [BRO! MALES HAVE A SEPARATE QUEUE TOO!], separate seats for women, separate this and separate that. We do have separate seats in public vehicles so, that jerks like you do not keep finding ways to lay your hands on us.

It is not only the case of men. WOMENS DO TOO! Women complains! Which I will be doing now. Let me explain this with an example. Husband and wife goes to work. Husband and wife comes back home. Both are tired, stressed, the air pollution and the work pressure. Ugh! Basically, they both are worn-out. In such scenario, why does THE WIFE have to make a precious cup of tea for her husband as soon as she comes home? Because she loves her so much that this is the least she could do, right? BLEAH! NO! Society has compelled her to. She has been brought up in that environment where there is this rule that wives should do sewa to our dear hubbies. We need to cook, take care of our little ones and do every little household work. This might not be the case in every family. So, let’s talk about work then. Males are given more responsibilities in workplaces. A boss might have seen the same competence in both Ram and Sita. He might think, “hmm, I should give this position to Ram since, he doesn’t have to go home early and won’t have other family fusses to deal with. Also, we could talk about work after office in some pubs or bars.” What about Sita? What about her?

The entire gender discrimination, women power and rights will be a success only with the change in the attitudes among society. Women can get what they want to. Women are just not THE WIFE you could take for granted. She has lots of avatar. She can be loving as Sati, fearless as Kali, intellectual as Saraswoti and strong as Ronda Rousy. 😉

Some women they make their own boundaries and complains about freedom while freedom is right here in our hands. We don’t need permission for freedom. We should stop questioning on who is responsible on providing freedom to women. Do we need men to live our free life? Do we need men’s help to live a free and happy life? Do we really need women’s right to live our life? Or is it we? women in general who wants to fight for their own freedom? You should have an answer for this. It is easy to say anything. This is the society where women do not want their widow sister in law to remarry but their widow brother can remarry. This is the society where women grabs women’s leg and blame that people are not allowing them to move forward. In spite of having that emotional/ mental power and patience, which surprisingly are the strongest combination which could work as an armor to fight against any battle. We could conquer the world.

All we need is unconditional love, support, trust and respect from everyone. This is how we could fly without insecurities and be a strong woman. We all know them, we can be them, we could raise them. We don’t need rights, let the real equality bloom. 🙂







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